Video Conferencing via Computer

You can access the video conference meetings from an ordinary computer. It requires the installation of an application called Scopia Desktop. Next, you need a camera and a microphone - typically a web camera and a headset.

Access meetings via a computer


1. Go to this address:

2. Type your name and the meeting room number/ID (get this from meeting organiser), and click Participate Now.

If Scopia Desktop is not already installed, a message gives you the option to install the software on your computer (PC and Mac).

You can download installation guides here: Internet Explorer  -  FireFox  -  Google Chrome

3. You can activate your microphone by clicking the top left microphone icon.

4. Scopia Desktop support the following features: audio, video, chat, screen sharing, annotation (Windows only). User manual for Scopia Desktop.

5. To activate additional moderator functions: A. In Scopia Desktop click Moderate > DTMF Keypad > *1 > number for below options, or B. Via video conferencing equipment activate the keypad and press * 1, followed by the following options:

6. Other attendees can adjust their layout by selecting 0, followed by 0´s, to rotate different layout options. 

7. If initiating the meeting room directly via the client softare,  the Web Portal Address configuration needs the following URL:

Video conferencing using only computers

If several individuals in the videoconference attend the meeting via a computer, you should consider using a system like Adobe Connect. This system will allow for many more attendees on computers, and scale better. Next, it includes advanced features such as chat, screen sharing, document sharing, shared text, file sharing, web links and much more.

It is also possible to participate in a video conference

At a facility at your university
On your tablet or mobile
On your phone

Revised 22/03/16

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