KONCH - from audio to text in your research projects

DeiC has entered into an agreement with KONCH that researchers and students at Danish universities can also use the product in 2021. The individual user does not have to pay anything - a cost distribution has been agreed between the universities. kan anvende produktet i 2021. Den enkelte bruger skal ikke betale noget - der er aftalt en omkostningsfordeling mellem universiteterne.


NORDUnet Zoom Workshop

This workshop is open to relevant staff members from NORDUnet NRENs and their connected organisations/institutions.

Workshop participation including social dinner is FREE.  Participants book and pay their own travel and accommodation.


Known issues

Streaming is not working on Mac and Linux

If you access streaming from your Mac via, you get the following error message: "The operation could not be completed". Due to this problem, Mac users cannot access streaming from the MCU. 

There is no solution to the problem at the moment.  

As streaming requires Quicktime, you cannot access the streaming from a Linux platform.


Gatekeeper Service at DeiC

A gatekeeper is a server that registers videoconference units and meeting rooms via a unique number/ID that may be used for direct calls to meeting rooms and meeting attendees. The number resembles a telephone number, e.g. 0045 10 660001, and every video conferencing unit and meeting room ideally has such a number. DeiC is running such a gatekeeper service which may be used by all video conference users at an institution under DeiC.


Firewall and Security

If the video conferencing units are behind a firewall, the firewall needs to be configured to allow incoming and outgoing trafic from -

Open for ports 1024-65535, if you want to avoid any problems during your calls and meetings. 


Phone Calls to a Meeting Room

It is possible to call in to the conference room in the following way:

  1. Request meeting room ID from the moderator (eg. 660001).
  2. Call the telephone number: +45 8873 8884 (normal Danish call charge).
  3. Are you outside Denmark, you can use eg. Skype Out to call the number using Danish local rate.
  4. When you call the number, enter the meeting room ID followed by #: eg. 660001 #.
  5. Your call is forwarded to the meeting room.

It is also possible to participate in a video conference: 


Video Conferencing via Computer

You can access the video conference meetings from an ordinary computer. It requires the installation of an application called Scopia Desktop. Next, you need a camera and a microphone - typically a web camera and a headset.

Access meetings via a computer


1. Go to this address:

2. Type your name and the meeting room number/ID (get this from meeting organiser), and click Participate Now.


Access a Video Conference Meeting

Access your meeting room

Use one of the following methods to access your meeting room

The following example shows dial-in to meeting room number (ID): 660001

A. Dial in to (IP): Dial 0 on the reception page followed by 660001#

Alternatively, call directly to meeting room via:

B. Dial in to (GDS): 0045 10 660001 (endpoint has to be registered on a gatekeeper)


Create Meetings

Create virtual meeting rooms

Only DeiC can create permanent meeting rooms.  Contact DeiC if you want a permanent meeting room, mail or phone +45 35 88 82 35.

Booking meeting rooms in a shared calendar

We advise user organisations to establish a list of generic meeting rooms which may be booked by the users in a shared calendar. 



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