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Implementing Connect LTI Proxy in front of your own Adobe Connect installation

Connect LTI Proxy is open source and may be used by any organisation that is hosting Adobe Connect for a number of independent organizations. Content in Adobe Connect is secured and cannot be openly accessed between the organisations. 

Implementing Connect LTI Proxy in front of their own Adobe Connect includes:


Moodle integration

All institutions using Moodle and Adobe Conect at DeiC can now integrate the two services. All other LMS systems supporting LTI v. 1.1 can also integrate Adobe Connect. 

Thereby lecturers may easily create Adobe Connect meeting rooms from Moodle. They may automatically add course attendees to the meeting room, and automatically list recordings in Moodle.

Contact DeiC for further information about how to run tests against an existing Connect test server at DeiC:



Lecturers and personnel at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have for some time used Connect Proxy Module for CampusNet for easy setup of meeting in Adobe Connect from CampusNet. 

Here you can see how easily you can create meetings rooms and access meetings and recordings: 

Walkthrough of CampusNet solution at DTU: Watch


Connect Proxy

Connect LTI Proxy is a web service in front of Adobe Connect at DeiC that enables other institutions to integrate Adobe Connect with portal solutions such as learning management systems (LMS). All LMS systems supporting LTI v. 1.1. can also integrate Adobe Connect. 

Currently, Adobe Connect at DeiC has been integrated with:

  • CampusNet (DTU, MSK)
  • Moodle (DMJX, ITU, AAMS a.o.)
  • Blackbaord (AU, SDU)
  • Canvas (CBS, KU)
  • ItsLearning (UC Absalon a.o.)

Connect LTI Proxy enables these functionalities in for example an LMS:



In 2016 users spent 219.816 meeting hours in Connect, up 24 % from 2015. This represents savings of approximately 57.273.059 DKK with regard to transportation and lost work, and savings of approximately 1.546.131 kg of CO2.


Pan-European network on Adobe Connect

A number of other national research and educational networks (NRENs) in Europe offer Adobe Connect as a service. This applies to DFN (Germany), SWITCH (Switzerland), ARNES (Slovenia), CESNET (Czech Republic), SURFnet (Netherlands), SUNET (Sweden) and FUnet (Finland).

DeiC in Denmark is part of this network through the pan-European organization for NRENs, GÉANT, and part of the development of the Adobe Connect service internationally.


Downtime due to service

Connect can be used 24 hours a day

The Adobe Connect service at DeiC can be accessed 24 hours a day, as the servers are being backed up seemlessly. 

Service during 7.00-7.45 CET/CEST

Typically, upgrades of application and system software etc. will take place between 7.00 and 8.00 am CET/CEST. This is the time of least activity on the Connect servers. You can still use the Connect service during this time, as the service continues during upgrades.



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