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Large expansion of the national HPC landscape


On March 1, the national HPC landscape was significantly expanded. DeiC national HPC Type 1 was expanded to include infrastructure at Aalborg University, just as DeiC national HPC Type 3 is now also in operation.

“The target group for Type 1 is researchers who want quick access to large resources. Type 1 is easier to go to than e.g. Type 2, and should also act as a springboard for new users who are not so familiar with HPC. For them, it should just feel like another program on their computer”, says Claudio Pica, head of SDU eScience Center.


New web site for Abacus supercomputer

DeiC National HPC Center, University of Southern Denmark, has opened up a new web site. From now on, information about the Abacus 2.0 supercomputer may be found here:

The web site contains the following sections:

  • Get access
  • HPC policies
  • User guide
  • Setup
  • News
  • About us

The new web site is designed according to the general DeiC design specifications.

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