Media hosting

DeiC offers two solutions in terms of media hosting and on-demand video: Kaltura and Panopto.

The services have been established in collaboration with NORDUnet to ensure scaling across the Nordic region.

In this way, DeiC can ensure reasonable prices for the solutions and ensure that content remains on servers in the Nordic region.

The choice between Kaltura and Panopto is a choice between three different systems, each with their own strengths and focus.



Kaltura is suitable for streaming, storing, handling and viewing large amounts of media files.

When is Kaltura used?

Streaming: Kaltura can be used for streaming auditorium lectures and events.

Recording: Kaltura is also used for recording streaming sessions from an auditorium, or for the user's own recordings via Kaltura's desktop application.


Joint Nordic tender for voice-to-text services

It has become common to systematically use automated speech-to-text tools for many purposes.

It can be documentation of interviews you have conducted in a research project, or it can be texting teaching videos automatically. The latter has also become a requirement.

In 2021, universities will share some licenses with KONCH, and it has become an option to purchase AmberScript for DeiC's Kaltura service.


Kaltura adds a transcription tool

With the DeiC service Kaltura you can keep track of all your media files and present them exactly as you wish. The solution thus handles the storage, handling and viewing of video and media files.

Once your organization has subscribed to Kaltura, you can, for example, use the system for hosting (teaching) video in a similar way as it does on YouTube.


Problems with Kaltura

We have announced several times that now it should be fine, because those were the messages we have received - but unfortunately, it has turned not turned out that way.

The short message is now that work is being done - day and night - to get it back in order, and that we hope to be finished on Monday morning (March 15). Looking back at the history and the nature of the problems, however, it is not something we dare to promise.

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