The idea with the European Open Science Cloud is that the infrastructure must be accessible and used across national borders and subject areas, i.e. be an internet of FAIR data and services.


DataCite Consortium

DataCite is an international non-profit organization that issues persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research data and more research objects (physical, digital or abstract).

The purpose is that research objects should be easy to find, access and quote, in order to make research outputs findable and reusable.


National cooperation

DeiC coordinates and evaluates the delivery of the digital research infrastructure and supports developments in national cooperation with technical, political and international knowledge. With the universities' commitment, we help researchers understand what infrastructure is available and how they can access it. You can see here the different national projects DeiC is involved in. 


Research Data Alliance (RDA)

The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is an international member-based organisation focused on the development of infrastructure and community activities to reduce the social and technical barriers to data sharing and re-use and to promote the acceleration of data driven innovation and discovery worldwide.

RDA Europe, the European plug-in to RDA, is mandated to ensure that European political, research, industrial and digital infrastructure stakeholders are aware of, engaged with and actively involved in the global RDA activities.



EUDAT lets researchers store, search, access and manage research data through a network of 35 European organizations.

Denmark is not directly involved in EUDAT, but Henrik Pedersen, chair of the National Forum for Research Data Management, participates as an observer.

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