Media hosting

DeiC offers two solutions in terms of media hosting and on-demand video: Kaltura and Panopto.

The services have been established in collaboration with NORDUnet to ensure scaling across the Nordic region.

In this way, DeiC can ensure reasonable prices for the solutions and ensure that content remains on servers in the Nordic region.

The choice between Kaltura and Panopto is a choice between three different systems, each with their own strengths and focus.



What is eduroam?

Global access to WIFI: Eduroam is a global collaboration that gives students, researchers and staff access to use the WIFI infrastructure in several hundred locations in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland and thousands of places in the rest of the world. DeiC is NRO, National Roaming Operator for eduroam in Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.


Closed point-to-point connections

What is point-to-point connections?

Dedicated data connections: PTP (point-to-point) connections are data connections that are dedicated to operating the data transmission between two locations, where you are responsible for the endpoints.

Building blocks for your network: DeiC provides point-to-point connections individually, as parallel connections, or multiple connections at the same time. PTP connections can be used to connect one or more of your addresses to your network, or to the Research Network.



The solutions range widely from satellite telephones, which are primarily suitable for portable voice telephony in the remote regions of the world, to total communication solutions for both data and telecommunications solutions for fixed installations at research stations.

Who can use SatCOM:

Educational and research institutions in Denmark can use the SatCOM service through DeiC.

What does it take to use the service:

A loan slip is completed on the desired equipment.


Authentication Authorization Infrastructure

WAYF (Where Are You From) is an infrastructure for reusing personal information. With WAYF, employees and students in higher education and research can reuse the username and password of the institution to access services that are not run by the institution itself.

It can be journal databases, library archives and much more. WAYF also acts as a 'single sign-on'. This means that the system can reuse your information - but only for eight hours or until you close your browser. eduTEAMS is an upcoming service.



The majority of DeiC's services inform users about the operating status through the ServiceInfo system. The users of the services can choose which services they want to get information about. The messages are sent via e-mail.

In addition to DeiC, other service providers can also inform their users via ServiceInfo. Universities, for example, can take advantage of this. University users only need to sign up for one place to get information about the services they use.



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