How the mapping of the Danish web happens

Niels Brügger researches and writes about digital media history. In connection with his research, he has dived down into the Danish part of the World Wide Web and has analysed the historical web development between 2005 and 2015.

“It is a rather crazy project, and when I tell people about it, the reaction is often: “Aaarrhh, is that possible?” says Niels Brügger, newly appointed professor of Media Studies at Aarhus University.

“But it is!”


DeiC invites pilot projects on the Cultural Heritage Cluster

DeiC invites researchers to submit calls of interest to become a national eScience pilot project. The selected research projects will be granted access to the National Cultural Heritage Cluster, a supercomputer based at the State and University Library in Aarhus.

The invitation is primarily aimed at researchers within the humanities and social sciences, but other scientific disciplines will also be considered.

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