What is FileSender?

FileSender is a service that allows you to transfer files that are too large to just be attached to an email. FileSender is available via

When is FileSender used?

Send: One or more files are uploaded to FileSender and you get a link that you can either send to the recipient yourself or let FileSender send.

Receive: FileSender users can also receive files from anyone by asking FileSender to send them an email with a so-called "upload voucher" which is also just a link.


Closed point-to-point connections

What is point-to-point connections?

Dedicated data connections: PTP (point-to-point) connections are data connections that are dedicated to operating the data transmission between two locations, where you are responsible for the endpoints.

Building blocks for your network: DeiC provides point-to-point connections individually, as parallel connections, or multiple connections at the same time. PTP connections can be used to connect one or more of your addresses to your network, or to the Research Network.


KONCH - from audio to text in your research projects

DeiC has entered into an agreement with KONCH that researchers and students at Danish universities can also use the product in 2021. The individual user does not have to pay anything - a cost distribution has been agreed between the universities. kan anvende produktet i 2021. Den enkelte bruger skal ikke betale noget - der er aftalt en omkostningsfordeling mellem universiteterne.


This is how our high-bandwidth network connections to universities and research institutions works

DeiC develops and operates the Research Network, which is a nationwide network infrastructure that connects universities and research institutions with high-speed network for the benefit of research and collaboration.

The Research Network also provides the connection to other national and international networks, and connecting the whole world with your desk or laboratory equipment.

You can use the Research Network both as an Internet provider and as a provider of closed connections.


Research network connects hospital gene equipment to supercomputer

Rigshospitalet i København

The Center for Genomic Medicine at the national hospital Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark, performs genetic analyzes of samples taken from patients. The employees use sequencing machines to convert the samples to digital data, which they then analyze on Computerome.


For suppliers

DeiC is a service provider to Danish research and education institutions. DeiC and the institutions purchase IT equipment and services through multiple agreements on several levels. For instance:



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