TF-CSIRT (Task Force Computer Security Incident Response Teams) is a task force under the European research and education networking organization GÉANT. Its members are organizations handling security incidents.

TF-CSIRT allows members to meet with other similar organizations and discuss topics of common interest. TF-CSIRT also arranges training and promotes the use of common standards and procedures for handling security incidents.

DeiC is represented in TF-CSIRT via DKCERT.


Security Information


Every Monday DKCERT issues a newsletter to anyone interested in staying informed about information security and threats against their IT systems. 

The newsletter informs about the latest news in the field of IT security, including security risks and illegal activities in the research network. The newsletter includes the following topics: 


Scanning of servers

DKCERT offers as a free service to scan it systems and applications exposed to the internet for vulnerabilities. The purpose is to identity existing vulnerabilities that allow external intrusion via the internet. 

The result of the vulnerability scanning is documented in a report. It acts as a management tool which is presented to the system owner. The report gives the system operator an overview of which vulnerabilities that need to be corrected to secure the network of the institution.

Registration for scanning is done by contacting DKCERT.


Incident Response

DKCERT receives reports from persons who have been exposed to a security incident related to Forskningsnettet (the Danish Research Network). It may be attacks on computers connected to the network or attacks from the network aimed at others. The role of DKCERT is of an intermediary and advisory nature.

The Incident Response service includes direct technical support to handle the security incident. DKCERT proposes solutions to the problems and warns others who are at risk of a similar incident. This takes into account the stakeholders' wish for anonymity and confidentiality. 


DKCERT - security

DKCERT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) follows the security on Forskningsnettet (the Danish Research Network) and offers a range of services to increase the security on the network.

The connected institutions are responsible for their own security, but DKCERT can help if problems arise. DKCERT can also help develop security policies and perform IT audits and consultancies within IT security. 

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