Publications from 2015-2017

By Birgitte Vedel Thage , 16/01/21
Here you can find the research results from the National supercomputers in Denmark.

This overview is a mapping of scientific publications in Denmark that included computational resources from a DeiC national HPC facility (Computerome, ABACUS2.0 and Kulturarvsclusteret).


Registration of Publications


High Performance Computing (HPC) has been accessible on a National level for the universities since 2014. An analysis was made, based on collection of scientific publications from the National HPC-facilities, in order to highlight the scientific output for the period 2015-2017. See the results in the sections below.

The analysis for 2015-2017 was made in collaboration with the National HPC centers. We will like to acknowledge Myhanh Nguyen, Spela Zajec and Wendy Engelberts for coordinating the contact to the HPC users. Furthermore, Jeannette Ekstrøm is acknowledged for participating in collection of bibliographical data. The analysis was made by Birgitte Vedel Thage, DeiC National eScience Center.