DeiC is a virtual organization under the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education. Most staff is employed at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). We have offices at both DTU and Aarhus University.


Name Function E-mail Phone
Gitte Julin Kudsk Director 24801207
Sanne Holm Communications – conferences and events 35888207
Cecilie Maagaard Winther Communications – Journalist and Communications Consultant 93511556
Lene Krøl Andersen Projects – International projects and nordic collaboration 41190910
Jeppe Klok Due KOR head of secretariat  
Marie Vachaud AC employee 28835470

Data management

Name Function E-mail Phone
Anders Sparre Conrad Head of Data management 93510926
Rene Belsø Data management consultant 61713999
Anne Sofie Fink Kjeldgaard Datamanagement-konsulent 93511544
Hannah Mihai Data management consultant 93510401
Anna Mette Morhorst Knowledge Exchange 91356460


Name Function E-mail Phone
Eske Christiansen Head of HPC 93510048
René Løwe Jacobsen HPC Technician  
Birgitte Vedel Thage Project Manager 35888209

Research network, security, and services

Name Function E-mail Phone
Martin Bech CTO, net and security 35888203
Claus Gohr Project economy and contracts 35888208
Iben Sørensen Secretary 35888202
Nicolai Devantier Communications consultant 31964900
Helle Meldgaard Outreach Officer 31208931
Morten Bygvraa Rasmussen Project Manager Web 40831268

Services and development

Name Function E-mail Phone
Ole Kjærgaard Data Center Manager 35888931
Tangui Coulouarn Project Manager, advanced network connections 25234217
Thorkild Jensen Project Manager, video servies and ServiceInfo 35888235
Morten Kjeldgaard Project Manager, satellite solutions, eduroam mm. 21708717
Mehran Khan Software developer 53822116
François Kooman Software developer  
Kasper Sort Senior consultant 35888233

Network operations

Name Function E-mail Phone
Jan Ferré Network Manager 35888225
Istvan Bernath Network operations 35888228
Hans Ulrik Bjarkov Network operations 35888223
Anders Mundt Due Network operations 35888227
Mohammad El-Kalache Network technician 50558649
Tom Henriksen Network operations 35888226
Arne Mortensen Cable technician 40460135


Name Function E-mail Phone
Henrik Larsen Head of DKCERT and WAYF 35888250
Lene Kim Dehn DPO  
Susanne Ketill Groth DPO 93511465
Jack Hjortholm Security consultant 93511135
Henrik Jensen Security consultant TeleDCIS 93510003
Simon Nexø Jensen Data analyst 93513490
Carina Lamb Security consultant 93511134
Dennis Larting TeleDCIS 35888283
Thomas Qualmann Systems administrator 26364323
Eskil Sørensen Communications consultant 93511103


Name Function E-mail Phone
Mikkel Hald Consultant 31269288
Mads Freek Petersen Operations, systems developer 25278061
Revised 18/03/21

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