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1. Using Panopto requires a specific aggrement between DeiC and the user organisation

Price model for Panopto

Organisations and users, who want to make use of Panopto can contact:  videokonf@deic.dk

DeiC offers a clarification process with regard to selecting the right media hosting system, which includes introductions to Panopto, Kaltura or Mediasite, based on local needs and requirement, monthly trials etc.


2. Get quick access to Panopto at your organisation

Below organizations already have an agreement on using Panopto.

Click on the link for your organisation, to get quick acces to the service.

AU: Aarhus University: LMS and video portal: https://panopto.au.dk
AAU: Aalborg University: LMS and video portal: https://panopto.aau.dk
KDKB: The Royal Danish Academy - Schools of Visual Arts: Video portal: https://panopto.kunstakademiet.dk
TEC: Technical Education Copenhagen: LMS and video portal: https://tec.panopto.nordu.net

3. Access tutorials on how to use Panopto

Revised 13/11/18

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