Domain Name Service

DeiC operates a DNS server for use by institutions on forskningsnettet.

Institutions on forskningsnettet, the Danish national research and education network, may choose to use DeiC name services.

DeiC operates an authoritative name server and a secondary name server. It is also possible to use the forskningsnet name servers as secondary to a local name server - with or without DNSSEC.

DeiC also operates a number of DNS caches that users may query directly. They can also be used as backup for a local name server. Caches are situated at:

  • (2001:878:0:100::2)
  • (2001:878:0:e000::53)

Please note, that (2001:878:0:e000::53) offers handling of DNSSEC. This cache is redundant and answers from both Ørestaden and Lyngby.

Service manager

Manager of network operations, Jan Ferré, is responsible for the domain name service.


Revised 13/09/16

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