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Photos of DeiC management

Steen Pedersen
CEO Steen Pedersen
JPEG, 2443 x 3297

Martin Bech
CTO Martin Bech
JPEG, 2155 x 3582

Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen
Manager HPC, Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen
JPEG, 2607 x 3527

Anders Sparre Conrad

Chair, National Forum for Research Data Management, Anders Sparre Conrad
JPEG, 600 x 782

Henrik Larsen, chef for DKCERT og WAYF

Manager DKCERT and WAYF Henrik Larsen
JPEG, 2268 x 3892


Fibre-optic cables for the Danish research network.
JPEG, 4710 x 2784

Abacus 2.0 supercomputer

DeiC National HPC Center, SDU
The supercomputer Abacus 2.0
JPEG, 3264 x 2448

DeiC National LifeScience Supercomputer, DTU
The supercomputer Computerome at DTU Risø Campus
JPEG, 4913 x 3155



DeiC logo
PNG, 2010 x 752
EPS format

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