Personal certificates

DeiC offers two types of personal certificates.

DeiC offers two types of personal certificates: European eScience digital signatures and personal signatures.

European eScience digital signatures for researchers

The eScience digital signature is approved by the Interoperable Global Trust Federation (IGTF) and is trusted by all major browsers.

Once the certificate is installed a researcher may join international eScience networks and access remote computing facilities via infrastructures such as the European Grid Infrastructure and the Nordic Data Grid Facility.

The eScience certificate is acquired via a portal administered by the university. The system must be configured by the university to issue eScience certificates. If that is the case, an eScience certificate may be issued in a few minutes. Contact the person responsible for certificates at your institution for further details.

Getting a personal certificate

DeiC personal certificates are only issued to people at institutions connected with DeiC.

To get a personal certificate, please follow the procedure for eScience certificates (see above).

Revised 23/03/16

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