Firewall and Security

If the video conferencing units are behind a firewall, the firewall needs to be configured to allow incoming and outgoing trafic from -

Open for ports 1024-65535, if you want to avoid any problems during your calls and meetings. 

If you want to limit the number of open ports, you may open port 1719 og 1720, and those ports which are used by your video conferencing units behind the firewall, and the ports which are used by the video conferencing units of other meeting attendees. Information about used ports can be found in the manuals for the video conferencing units. 

Ideally, place the video conferencing equipment outside the firewall on a public IP adress, or set up a gateway / gatekeeper to handle the video conferencing trafic for best performance. 

Further information

Radvision Scopia Desktop requires port 60580 for incoming and outgoing trafic.


Videoconference meetings at DeiC can be secured with a password (PIN), but meetings are not encrypted. If you need high security on your meeting, you will need alternative solutions such as Adobe Connect. On the Adobe Connect service, alle meetings are encrypted.

Revised 22/03/16

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