Create Meetings

Create virtual meeting rooms

Only DeiC can create permanent meeting rooms.  Contact DeiC if you want a permanent meeting room, mail or phone +45 35 88 82 35.

Booking meeting rooms in a shared calendar

We advise user organisations to establish a list of generic meeting rooms which may be booked by the users in a shared calendar. 

“Personal” meeting rooms can be established on occasions where a shared calendar does not exist, or for other specific reasons. 

Concurrent users per meeting room

All meeting rooms are limited to 12 concurrent users, unless other agreements are made with DeiC.

If you plan a meeting with more than 12 concurrent users or connections, you will need to contact DeiC to schedule the meeting. DeiCs MCU is limited to 24 concurrent users on average.  

Contact information: mail or call +45 35 88 82 35.

Revised 22/03/16

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