Comparing: Adobe Connect and Skype

Here you can see some of the advantages of Adobe Connect, compared to other systems. More comparisons will be added.

Adobe Connect Skype
Typically no installation needed for meeting attendees (Flash Player) Installation for meeting attendees: up to 43 MByte
Permanent and lasting meeting rooms (content is kept intact) No permanent meeting rooms
Online meetings and collaboration outside meetings Only online meetings
Unlimited numbers of video connections * Only 10 video connections (paid version)
Up to 200 audio connections Only 25 audio connections
Several individuals can share their screen * Only 1 persons can share the screen
High screen sharing quality Low screen sharing quality
Remote control of attendees computer screens No remote control
Display/sharing of PowerPoints, PDF, JPEGs, flash-content (video etc.) No display/sharing of documents **
Annotation of all documents No annotation
Shared text editing tool No text editing tools
Test and traing tools (poll / training) No similar tools
Recording of all activities and all content No direct recordings **
Customisation of user interface according to user needs Restricted customisation
Supporting many different types of meetings and  forms of collaboration Fewer types of meetings and forms of collaboration supported

* Depending of the hardware resources on the user computers.

** Third party products (plug-in) exist, which support some functionality.

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Revised 21/03/16

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