Pan-European network on Adobe Connect

A number of other national research and educational networks (NRENs) in Europe offer Adobe Connect as a service. This applies to DFN (Germany), SWITCH (Switzerland), ARNES (Slovenia), CESNET (Czech Republic), SURFnet (Netherlands), SUNET (Sweden) and FUnet (Finland).

DeiC in Denmark is part of this network through the pan-European organization for NRENs, GÉANT, and part of the development of the Adobe Connect service internationally.

It is the intention to develop Adobe Connect in a favorable direction for these NRENs in Europe. This includes nearly 300 universities and research institutions, and an equal number of colleges.

Focus is not entirely on Adobe Connect. The network also intends to evaluate other webconferencing systems, and ensure that the best system is used by the research networks.

Revised 21/03/16

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