Scenario: Desktop with a computer, USB headset and a web camera

User with a desktop computer

If you have a good headset, or maybe a small speakerphone, you can most likely attend Adobe Connect meetings using your existing computer and internet connection.

You only need a fast computer/laptop, which is not more than 3-4 years old, and an internet connection at 1 Mbit/s download and 256 kbit/s upload mininum. Less can do it, but then you need to configure Adobe Connect correctly.

We advise you to use a USB headset for better audio quality and configuration, but for better convenience you can also use a small speakerphone - for example ClearOne Chat 50.

Hardware alternatives

Logitech Premium Notebook > other USB headsets, or ClearOne Chat 50, or Phoenix Duet Executive.

Logitech Webcam Pro 5000 > built-in web camera in existing laptop/monitor, other USB web cameras. Be aware that only few USB web cameras support the Mac plaform.

Revised 21/03/16

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