Scenario: Meeting room with speakerphone and 360 degree voice activated camera

This scenario supports multiple people in a meeting room, attending a netmeeting via Adobe Connect. Polycom CX5000 is a speakerphone with a speaker and microphone to prevent echo during the meeting. At the same time it consists of a number of cameras on the top, covering participants around the table. You will need Windows 7 or newer for CX5000.

The device will automatically listen to who speaks and activate a camera towards the speaker. It can be seen in this picture in conjunction with Connect's interface.

The advantage is that only one machine in the meeting room needs to be connected to the Polycom unit and be configured in relation to sound and camera. Thereby echo is avoided. The remaining participants can open their laptop in order to better monitor activities visually. This applies to seeing the other participants video, slides, video and text that is shared during the meeting.

The scenario will support a variety of meeting types, including decision-making meetings, coordination meetings, presentations, brainstorming, mentoring, support, exams, etc.

Hardware alternatives

Polycom CX5000: Logitech BCC950 Conference Camera or Logitech CC3000e

Revised 14/03/16

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