Scenario: Conference room with interactive whiteboard, speakerphone and HD web camera


This scenario supports multiple people in a meeting room, attending a netmeeting via Adobe Connect. A speakerphone, here a ClearOne 150, is a combined speaker and microphone to ensure that meeting participants can hear each other without echo. Along with the internet connected computer, the speakerphone provides the basis for the netmeeting.

The interactive whiteboard, here a SmartBoard 685, ensures that attendees may sit relaxed and follow the video of the virtual participants, slides, presentations, illustrations, text, etc. Eyes are more relaxed when using a large screen and people are not locked to a laptop.

For example, the participants in the physical meeting room may go up to the whiteboard and hold a presentation, write and draw on the board. Other virtual participants in the netmeeting can follow the activities, and even write and draw on the whiteboard as well.

A participant in the physical meeting room can grab the small interactive pen tablet, Wacom Graphire, and interact with the large whiteboard without having to go up to the whiteboard.

A high resolution HD webcam, in the top right corner of the picture, captures the entire meeting room, so that all the virtual meeting participants can see the participants in the physical meeting room.

This scenario will support a variety of meeting types, including decision-making meetings, coordination meetings, presentations, brainstorming, lecturing, etc.

Hardware alternatives:

ClearOne Chat 150 USB: Phoenix Duet Executive - Phoenix Quattro2 MT-301 USB - Jabra Speak 410 - Logitech CC3000e

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910: Logitech HD webkameraer (Windows) or Logitech CC3000e

Wacom Graphire Wireless: Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch or QOMO HiteVision QIT30

Revised 14/03/16

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