Quick start for participants and guests

1. Attach your headset to your computeren before you log on

2. Log into a meeting room: You should receive a link to the room from the meeting host.
i.e. https://c.deic.dk/xxxxxx. 

a. Before you log on to meeting room: Test you setup via link on logon page: "Go to test site". 

b. Install the Adobe Connect application for desktop, if not already installed, and run the diagnostic tool to finish the test.

c. Next, go back to logon page and Select home organisation and enter user name and password from your home organisation.

d. Else, select Enter as guest, write your name and click Enter Room.

e. If you want to host your own meeting, you follow this tutorial: Quick start: hosts

3. Wait for access: the host will have to accept your entry, or you will get direct access to the meeting room.

4. Roles: the meeting host will give you one of three roles:

   1. Participant: you can write in the chat, raise hand, download files, vote

   2. Presenter: you can use microphone, camera, show presentation and screen

   3. Host: you can do almost the same as the meeting host

5. Access to functions and roles: write to the Host in the chat window, or raise your hand  .
6. Select microphone, if you have access to the microphone  in the top bar of meeting room: Click on  and Select Microphone.
7. Activate microphone: Click on the microphone icon  . Click again to mute / unmute the microphone.
8. Adjust microphone volume: Click  and Adjust Microphone Volume. Other meeting attendees cannot hear you during the test.
9. Activate camera: Click on the camera icon   in the top bar, and Start Sharing. Click the pause icon in the video window to show a still picture.

10. Meeting manners: Be careful not to click on anything, unless you know the functionality 100%. Many functions affect everybody in the meeting room.

Revised 10/03/16

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