EuroCC outreach educate hundreds of researchers on HPC

By Cecilie Maagaard Winther , 30/06/21
One work package alone has educated more than 400 researchers, students and staff across the different Danish universities on HPC.
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This is news from the EuroCC project. Learn more about EuroCC on the website.

As a part of the EuroCC project the work package 6 (WP6) has been doing extensive outreach about HPC. WP6 among other things aims to facilitate access and create a pool of knowledge about HPC to raise the general competences.

So far, WP6 has been reaching out to researchers and management bodies at universities to lift competences and awareness about High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial intelligence (AI) and High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA).

Easier access to HPC

Since the beginning of the project, WP6 has been working together with academic staff, researchers and students across universities, providing dissemination material to ease access and usage in supercomputing.

"The idea of outreach across universities is to provide both researchers, students and academic staff with the necessary knowledge to access supercomputers at national and European level. Additionally, our work package works together with Front Offices at different universities regarding technical and procedural aspects in the usage of supercomputers," says Samuele Soraggi, WP6 leader from Aarhus University.

Close collaboration with CBS

A particularly beneficial collaboration has been established between WP6 and Copenhagen Business School (CBS). And in the first months of 2021, multiple dissemination and Q&A sessions took place in course sessions and department meetings, reaching around 200 researchers, students and professors.

"It has been an invaluable help for us here at CBS, to have the help of the EuroCC project for a number of HPC introductions, both for students and for researchers at two different departments. We don’t have that much HPC experience here yet, but with WP6 and Samuele’s help and participation, we managed to get the message across about the many opportunities for both teaching and research, especially with UCloud also known as the Type 1 Interactive HPC. Agreements are already being made on similar HPC introductions in other scientific fields in the Autumn, and the department visits have caused several inquiries about access and resources and other follow-up questions," says Lars Nondal Chief Consultant from CBS.

Outreach on several universities

So far, WP6 has been promoting and guiding about HPC and applications at KU, AU and CBS, basically doing outreach for a total of 400 group leaders, researchers, students and staff - both in natural sciences, technical and humanistic disciplines.

WP6 lead by AU and RUC is also developing a knowledge pool for both beginners and experts in HPC.

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