DeiC hires new academic staff member

By Cecilie Maagaard Winther , 09/03/21
Marie Vachaud has just taken up the position as an academic employee at DeiC. Marie will be involved in serving the secretariat, management and board of DeiC.

As of Monday, March 1, Marie Vachaud has been hired by DeiC. She will take up a newly created position as an academic employee at DeiC, which in 2021 will prepare to become an independent organization.

As part of the Strategy for National Cooperation on Digital Research Infrastructure, published by the Ministry of Education and Research, DeiC must be an independent organization. In this connection, extra forces are needed in the secretariat and in the operation of the management. Marie must be an active sparring partner for the day-to-day management in the administrative, strategic and legal area.

There are a large number of tasks to coordinate and assist the management team with planning and follow-up on strategy, projects and activities, just as there is guidance from project managers in connection with EU projects that are waiting for Marie.

In addition, Marie Vachaud will be responsible for the secretariat of the national e-resource committee, including handling the process and the results from the applications.

Marie graduated with a cand.scient.pol from Aarhus University in January. She was born in France, grew up in Norway and has studied Political Science in Denmark. She is also the colleague who speaks the most languages ​​with Danish, Norwegian, French, English and Spanish. Marie spends her free time especially on climbing and hiking.

A big welcome to Marie.