Search in more than 1000 publications from the national HPC facilities

By Nicolai Devantier , 03/03/21
DeiC's publication list has been updated again. This means that you can become much wiser about the research results from the national supercomputers and see the subject areas and universities which have used the facilities.

More than 200 new scientific publications were collected in January along with the HPC facilities and their users. DeiC has updated the list of research results from the previous three national HPC facilities in the period 2015 to 2020, which also includes approximately 20 publications from 2021.

The development in the collection of publications from national facilities.

Thus, a total of 1053 publications have now been collected. If you want to explore the publications that have included the use of national supercomputing in Denmark, then there is the opportunity to search the material online.

The motivation for the work of collecting publications has been to show what the national HPC investment can contribute to in terms of research, and in addition, the material can be an inspiration for new HPC users. This time, it was chosen to refer HPC users to DeiC's online list as a reference point so that researchers could check if all their publications were on the list. It worked surprisingly well, although it is still a very manual process to identify and collect the material.

"It has been a joint effort from many to make it succeed", states Birgitte Vedel Thage, project manager for the publication analysis.

The parties involved have been the three previous HPC facilities (ABACUS2.0, Computerome and Kulturarvsclusteret), all HPC users (1500+), two libraries (DTU and SDU) and DeiC, respectively.

“I would like to thank Kasper Sort, who has been responsible for the realization of an online list for the publications so that the data can exist and be accessed by users and other interested parties. Also, thank you very much for the collaboration with Jeannette Ekstrøm, Dorte Drongstrup, Emil Rendbæk Nygaard, Myhanh Nguyen, Tom Olsen, Megan Guertner, Spela Zajec, Wendy Engelberts and Desirée Suhr Pérez, who have all been involved in lifting the task since 2017, " says Birgitte Vedel Thage.

From January 2021, it is a requirement that the use of the national facilities is accredited with a "funding number". This number is assigned by the Front Office when, as a researcher, you get computing time via the national HPC.

The idea is that it should be possible to "trawl" after these numbers afterwards, just as funding agencies do today. As previously described, today only 20 per cent of publications can be found digitally, as there has been no tradition of referring to the use of infrastructure. Remember that this must still be written in the publication - otherwise, it can not be searched for.

You can read more about the guide to acknowledgements here: Remember to acknowledge the use of national HPC

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