is a new service in WAYF

By Mikkel Hald , 18/02/21
Now users of can access the service with their institution login.

Fundraiser I / S has completed the technical connection to WAYF of its service – an online tool that facilitates the work of institutions with fundraising. contains, among other things, a fund and pool database and a number of tools for the institution's fundraising efforts - from news to editable templates. And now users at any subscribing  institution med WAYF-tilslutning can access with their usual institution login.

Link between service providers and institutions

WAYF is a digital infrastructure that connects institutions' user bases and login systems with external web services. With the solution, you log in at your research or educational institution to access a login-protected web service outside the institution's own login system.

By using WAYF, employees and students thus avoid having to remember separate login information for each web service that they use outside their institution.

WAYF communicates with two types of organizations: Service Providers and Institutions.

The service providers (eg a research library or an online dictionary) provide a service and the institutions provide information about users.

The solution then provides the technical protocol translations needed in the communication between the two types of organization, and ensures that each individual user has been informed about the transfer of personal data.

At the technical level, the connection of is another example of a simple integration with WAYF using the SAML2jwt-mikrotjenesten - whereby the developers do not have to work with SAML2, XML or OIDC.


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