The Corona shutdowns in 2020 significantly affected the use of eduroam

By Morten Kjeldgaard , 12/02/21
The wireless network service, eduroam, has been on something of a roller coaster ride in the past year.

In the period 2018 to 2019, eduroam experienced a nice increase in the number of logins of 16 percent.

This increase slowed sharply in 2020 and was replaced by halving the number of logins (-53 percent).

The halving is due to the fact that educational institutions all over Denmark had to shut down or sharply reduce their activities over several periods due to the Corona epidemic and the associated restrictions.

The graph below shows a dive in 2020 for all types of eduroam logins.

The number of logins from own institution was the type of logins that was least affected by the Corona restrictions (-29 percent from 2019-2020).

Logins from foreign institutions from home and abroad, on the other hand, took a sharp dive of 55 percent and 59 percent, respectively. Logins on the so-called “bynet solutions”, which cover institutions outside the research and education sector, amounted to only between 5000-8000 logins per month during 2020.

They thus experienced a drop of as much as 96 percent.

2020 must be considered a year in the sign of the Corona epidemic - this also applies to eduroam.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Eduroam is also expected in 2021 to be characterized by Corona shutdowns and the reduced level of activity. However, it is expected that the monthly number of logins at the end of 2021 will increase to the 2019 level and continue to increase during 2022.

To support the expected development, we are working to make it easier to be an eduroam user and make it easier for companies that join or already offer eduroam.

During 2021, new users will be able to join via a geteduroam app and companies will be offered a self-service portal from DeiC.

Contact the eduroam group via if you want to know more about eduroam, or want to connect your company or institution to eduroam.

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