TDC has challenges with the bandwidth of the national research network's services

By Nicolai Devantier , 02/02/21
If you have an Internet connection provided by TDC, you may experience bandwidth issues with our services.

Most people at this time take care of their work from home and the services offered through the national research network (forskningsnettet) largely withstand the high load. This applies, for example, to services such as Zoom, Kaltura and Panopto.

However, if one has a connection in the home that is provided through the provider TDC, we can state that many are currently experiencing problems.

“For several months we have been in dialogue with TDC about the upgrade of the connection between TDC and the research network services operated by NORDUnet, but this has only resulted in the upgrade from 2x10 Gbps to 2x20 Gbps, which is taking place today and not yet. has been completed, ”says Martin Bech, head of research networks and services.

In addition to these two peering connections in Denmark, there is also a peering in Stockholm, which can further draw approx. 10 Gbps.

"However, it is still far from enough, and TDC has the prospect that the upgrade to 2x100 Gbps can only take place at the end of February," he says.

Users who experience problems using our services will usually think that it is their own WiFi connection that is the problem (which is often also the case), but if you have TDC as an Internet provider, the problem can also be completely out in the congested peering connections.

If you have an alternative to TDC during this period, it may be worth trying until the connections have been upgraded.

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