Ericsson to deliver optical transmission equipment for Danish NREN

By Torben B. Sørensen , 02/09/16
A European tender for procurement has ended with Ericsson as the winner. Ericsson will deliver transmission equipment from ECI Telecom to DeiC.

Five vendors competed for the contract to supply optical transmission equipment for forskningsnettet, the Danish National Research and Education Network (NREN) run by DeiC. Ericsson won together with its partner, ECI Telecom.

The new equipment is set to replace Alcatel equipment which has been operating since 2008. The new equipment allows for data rates at 100 Gbit/s. The existing gear may be configured with up to 40 channels per connections, whereas the new equipment allows for 88 channels.

"The contract was signed at less than half the price we had budgetted with. Parts are more affordable allowing for more expansion. And the marginal price for establishing new connections in our network is also lower," said CTO Martin Bech, DeiC.

The contract marks the beginning of a ten year cooperation between Ericsson and DeiC.

"The combination of ECI equipment fulfilling our needs, and an experienced vendor with a local service organization such as Ericsson is a good fit for DeiC," said Martin Bech.

The equipment consists of products from the ECI Apollo 9600 series.

The contract was entered with The Technical University of Denmark on behalf of DeiC.

University director Claus Nielsen, The Technical University of Denmark (left) and CEO Jørgen Alsing, Ericsson Denmark signed the contract on Tuesday August 30, 2016.

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