DeiC to procure optical transmission equipment

By Torben B. Sørensen , 08/12/15
DeiC expects to spend between DKK 18 million and 30 million on optical transmission equipment for Forskningsnettet, the Danish National Research and Education Network.

DeiC has issued a request for tender via TED (Tenders Electronic Daily). The process has three steps:

First, a number of potential vendors are selected. DeiC expects to select between five and eight vendors.

Next, the vendors submit their proposals. Finally, DeiC selects a vendor.

The purpose is to expand network bandwidth. Currently, the fastest connections in Forskningsnettet have a bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s. They will be upgraded to 100 Gbit/s.

The request for tender only covers optical transmission equipment. Routers and other types of network equipment are not included.

Interested vendors must submit a tender or request to participate by January 14, 2016.

 Request for tender 2015/S 234-424753, TED

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