DeiC offers several systems for hosting and streaming of video.

DeiC offers two solutions in terms of media hosting and on-demand video: Kaltura and Panopto.

The services have been established in collaboration with NORDUnet to ensure scaling across the Nordic region.

In this way, DeiC can ensure reasonable prices for the solutions and ensure that content remains on servers in the Nordic region.

The choice between Kaltura and Panopto is a choice between three different systems, each with their own strengths and focus.

  • Panopto provides the user with many tools for recording, editing, live streaming and redistributing content, and does not require dedicated hardware solutions or long learning curves.
  • Kaltura is unique in terms of simple user solutions with the option of customizing portal solutions and players, for example in collaboration with a pragmatist and a web designer.

DeiC offers an individual clarification proces with the user organizations, where needs and requirements, as well as introductions and trials ensure the choice of the right system.

The systems are constantly evolving in relation to functionality, and in many cases it is the organization's needs and the users' previous experiences that are decisive in the choice of system for media hosting.

On the following pages you can read more about the systems in terms of functionality and price.

Next, DeiC offers the servce KONCH, which can be used for separate transcription of audio and video files:

Revised 18/06/21