KONCH - from audio to text in your research projects

KONCH leverages the latest technology to deliver fast transcription of your research interviews, lectures, focus group interviews, or other audio relevant to students and researchers.

DeiC has entered into an agreement with KONCH that researchers and students at Danish universities can also use the product in 2021. The individual user does not have to pay anything - a cost distribution has been agreed between the universities. kan anvende produktet i 2021. Den enkelte bruger skal ikke betale noget - der er aftalt en omkostningsfordeling mellem universiteterne.

A tender process is currently underway for the purchase of a speech-to-text service, and the winner is expected to replace or extend the use of KONCH. The new service will be an offer to all institutions affiliated to DeiC.


  • The service is developed specifically for university use.
  • The service can be used by people from the eight Danish universities free of charge also in 2021.

What do you do?

Contact the person listed below as the contact person to get started using KONCH. Contact person regarding the agreement itself at DeiC is Martin Bech: martin.bech@deic.dk

Contact and support

The individual university is responsible for support of the service. Contact the relevant person from your university.

Revised 11/06/21

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