Gatekeeper Service at DeiC

A gatekeeper is a server that registers videoconference units and meeting rooms via a unique number/ID that may be used for direct calls to meeting rooms and meeting attendees. The number resembles a telephone number, e.g. 0045 10 660001, and every video conferencing unit and meeting room ideally has such a number. DeiC is running such a gatekeeper service which may be used by all video conference users at an institution under DeiC.

Your equipment may already be registered on the gatekeeper at DeiC by the administrator at your institution. If that is not the case, you may follow the below procedure.

Create a unique ID

Before you register your video conference units with the gatekeeper at DeiC you need to create a unique number/ID. To avoid conflicting numbers, you need to create a number based on the normal telephone numbering system. For example use a telephone number for a telephone in the video conference room. If the video conference equipment is used by a specific person then use that persons telephone number.

In that way you get a unique 12 digit number that you can register under the gatekeeper configuration on your videoconference unit.

Configuration of your equipment

You need to configure your video conference equipment with the following information:

Unique number/H.323 ID: i.e. 0045 xxxx xxxx (as described above)
IP address of the gatekeeper at DeiC:

Test to see if it works

You can call the test meeting room at DeiC directly on this number: 0045 10 660001, to see if the gatekeeper registration works. If you experience any problems, you can test your own network, and the MCU at DeiC, by calling IP number of the MCU:, and next type the meeting number: 660001, followed by #-sign.

If this does not work, you contact DeiC, mail or phone +45 35 88 82 35.

Revised 22/03/16

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