The eScience Committee

The eScience Committee advises the DeiC Board about e-infrastructure and the eScience Comptence Center.

The eScience committee advises the DeiC Board about development and activities within e-infrastructure and the DeiC eScience Competence Center.

The members were appointed by the board after recommendation from the universities in November 2013. The committee mandate runs until the end of 2016.


  • Josva Kleist, Aalborg University (Chair)
  • Fane Naja Groes, Copenhagen Business School
  • Ole Sigmund, DTU
  • Brian Vinter, University of Copenhagen
  • Bente Maegaard, University of Copenhagen
  • Claudio Pica, University of Southern Denmark
  • Jens Chr. Godskesen, IT-University of Copenhagen
  • Jeppe Olsen, Aarhus University
  • Jakob Grove, Aarhus University
  • Sanne Lund Clement, Aalborg University
  • Henning Christiansen, Roskilde University
  • Lene Krøl Andersen, manager of the DeiC eScience Competence Center
  • Steen Pedersen, CEO, DeiC

Secretary of the committee is Birgitte Vedel Thage, DeiC

Revised 30/03/16

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