Implementing Connect LTI Proxy in front of your own Adobe Connect installation

Connect LTI Proxy is open source and may be used by any organisation that is hosting Adobe Connect for a number of independent organizations. Content in Adobe Connect is secured and cannot be openly accessed between the organisations. 

Implementing Connect LTI Proxy in front of their own Adobe Connect includes:

  • Establishing the host server for Connect LTI Proxy (Windows Server )
  • Installing application software ( . NET . NET MVC , IIS , etc.)
  • Creation of databases
  • Establishing separate domain name service (e.g. )
  • Implementation of Connect Proxy source code
  • Minor adjustment of federated login code

Download : Guide for deploying Connect Proxy

Single Sign-On between LMS and Connect

Connect LTI Proxy only handles the provisioning of users and not logon of users. This enables the use of existing federated login (eg. WAYF by DeiC ). Single sign-on can be handled with a simple redirect between the LMS and Adobe Connect, if the attribute schacHomeOrganisation is passed from the LMS. 

Download : Guide for SSO between LMS and meeting rooms or content in Connect

Revised 22/03/16

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