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Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) make research data easier to find and cite. DeiC leads the Danish DataCite Konsortium, the link to the international DataCite, which provides DOIs.
make data citable with a DOI

DataCite is an international non-profit organization that issues persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research data and more research objects (physical, digital or abstract).

The purpose is that research objects should be easy to find, access and quote, in order to make research outputs findable and reusable.

A good introduction to the use of DOIs and DataCite can be found in Working with DataCite - Identify, cite, and connect research with confidence.

DeiC leads a consortium of Danish members of DataCite, including universities and research centers. It is expected that the implementation of DOIs will increase - as a natural consequence of the forthcoming Danish strategy for FAIR data.

Implementation of DOIs is done by the members themselves through DataCite's tools, which have a well-developed  DataCite support.

DeiC finances the costs of consortium participation, including the members' implementation of DOIs.

DeiC invites all research-related institutions with an interest in continuous DOI minting to join the national DataCite consortium.

If you need support for DataCite:

Guides and help: DataCite support

If you want to be a member of the consortium:


Revised 17/05/21

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