Data Management Plans with DMP Online

The Online tool DMPonline helps researchers write data management plans - plans describing how project data are generated, collected, stored, used and reused, and how others can access the data at a later stage.

The tool works by asking a number of questions about the handling of data in the project. Based on the responses the tool generates the plan. How it looks depends on the research area and the possible funding body. DMPonline can therefore be customized and contains guides and templates from different funding organisations, such as EU/Horizon 2020.


To use the service the use has to create a personal account on There are no other prerequisites. 


The user must create their own username and password. Afterwards users can optionally link their account to their institution and use WAYF login to the service.

Payment Model

The service is free of charge for institutions and organisations within research and higher education. 


DMPonline is developed by Digital Curation Centre in Scotland and made available by DEFF (Denmarks Electronic Research Library) in collaboration with DeiC, who runs the technical services. 

Technical Description

The tool is a Ruby on Rails application with web-fronted and under-lying MySQL data base.

Agreements and terms

Responsible for the Service

Head of Division Martin Bech is responsible for the service. 


Further Information

Revised 27/07/18