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Lecturers, students, scientists, a.o. can all freely use Adobe Connect for online meetings and collaboration. You only need a laptop and a headset.
Torben B. Sørensen.

What is Adobe Connect?

Online teaching and conferencing for the education sector: Adobe Connect is unique in supporting online teaching and conferencing in an extended workflow both before, during and after meeting sessions. Eg. you can prepare materials such as presentations, videos and tests for review in the meeting room before a meeting, and after the meeting continue chat discussions, tests and assignments in the same meeting room. Adobe Connect is hosted by DeiC, and video recording to servers at DeiC is possible directly under the system. Access to meeting rooms and recordings is possible via Integration with own systems such as. Learning Management Systems (LMS).

When is Adobe Connect used?

Adobe Connect can be used to advantage for online teaching and conferencing with the following needs:

  • Focused material handling before, during, and after meeting in one and the same meeting room.
  • Ensure that all participants see and follow the same content in the meeting room.
  • Breakout room with prepared material, such as a whiteboard, text documents, assignments, tests, file sharing, etc.
  • Subsequent display of content from the breakout room in the plenary meeting room.
  • Quick transition to new meeting setup, with new content, for e.g. new speaker.
  • Assurance that subsequent video recording shows exactly all the content of the meeting.
  • Searchability in subsequent recordings on the basis of presentations, presenters etc.
  • Automatic indexing of recording based on chat posts, slide changes, etc.
  • Active recordings with e.g. active link to download files, viewed or shared in the meeting.
  • Copying and reusing meeting rooms with all content from semester to semester.
  • Access to meetings and recordings via integration with own Learning Management systems (LMS).

Who can use Adobe Connect?

Institutions that purchase other services at the Research Network: Only institutions that purchase other services at the Research Network, such as the basic network or other services such as WAYF, Zoom, Kaltura, Panopto, can purchased the Adobe Connect service.

You can access the login page: and see if you already have access to the service. If your institution is not on the list and you would like to hear about the opportunity to benefit from Adobe Connect, please contact

What does it take to use Adobe Connect?

Institution setup: For users who do not already pay for the basic network at DeiC, it requires a service agreement between DeiC and the institution before the institution can be listed under the login page:, whereby the institution's users can access the service.

Users: Meeting hosts should use a PC with a good and stable Internet connection, a headset with a microphone, and should use Adobe Connect desktop client software for Windows or Mac. Ordinary participants can also participate via mobile and tablet via a standard browser.

What about legal issues, security and personal data?

  • Access control: Access control is done via WAYF and the users' own username and password from the institution.
  • Data storage: Installations and data are stored on servers at DeiC.
  • Logging: Data access is being logged.
  • Encryption: Data is encrypted with SSL A + during transmission.
  • Backup: Data is transferred to tape backup on a daily basis.
  • User rights: The institution can support the right of access, deletion, correction and porting with a user ID
  • Data Processor Agreement: DeiC offers a data processor agreement for the service.

How much does it cost to use Adobe Connect?

Included service: For organizations paying for the basic networks at DeIC, Adobe Connect is already included for the calendar year 2021. This will change from beginning of 2022, whereby customers will be charged speicifically for the service. 

Separate payment: Organizations, paying separately for the service, pay according to the following model::

Annual 0.05 per mille of turnover (understood as the sum of last year's ordinary expenses) excluding VAT - however a minimum of DKK 500 excluding VAT.


Ordinary expenses: 471 million

Of which 0.05 per mille: A total of DKK 23,550 annually excluding VAT.

Where do I get support?

You can see if your organization has Adobe Connect at DeiC here:

  • Self-help: User-friendly support pages can be found under Adobe Support Connect Users
  • Local support: End-user support is provided by your own organization: (Link coming soon)
  • System support: System support is provided by DeiC via and tel: 3588 8202 (9.00-16.00)

Operating status: Representatives and dedicated users are encouraged to subscribe to operating and service announcements under

Revised 09/03/16

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