Connect Proxy

Connect LTI Proxy is a web service in front of Adobe Connect at DeiC that enables other institutions to integrate Adobe Connect with portal solutions such as learning management systems (LMS). All LMS systems supporting LTI v. 1.1. can also integrate Adobe Connect. 

Currently, Adobe Connect at DeiC has been integrated with:

  • CampusNet (DTU, MSK)
  • Moodle (DMJX, ITU, AAMS a.o.)
  • Blackbaord (AU, SDU)
  • Canvas (CBS, KU)
  • ItsLearning (UC Absalon a.o.)

Connect LTI Proxy enables these functionalities in for example an LMS:

  • Establish and access meeting room via a link in the LMS
  • Automatically create user from the LMS in Connect
  • Automatically add user to a conference room in Connect
  • Specify meeting attendee roles in Connect based on roles in LMS
  • List recordings from the meeting room in the LMS
  • Make a recording available to the public from the LMS
  • Change the name of a meeting room or a recording from the LMS
  • Delete a meeting room or a recording from the LMS

Connect LTI Proxy makes it much easier for lecturers to use Adobe Connect as:

  • Adobe Connect can be used with just a few clicks in a familiar environment
  • It is not necessary to manage students / meeting attendees etc. separately in Connect
  • Meetings and recordings are automatically listed in a familiar and accessible area for all

If you would like to use the above options, or if you simply have questions about the service, please contact DeiC via

Revised 22/03/16

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