WAYF - only one password

WAYF lets employees and students reuse user names and passwords when accessing external web services.

WAYF (Where Are You From) is an infrastructure for reusing personal information.

With WAYF people from the research and educational sector in Denmark may reuse their user name and password from their institution in order to access services not run by the institution itself. Services may be journal databases, libraries, etc. WAYF is used as a single sign-on system, which means that the system can re-use your data, but only for eight hours or until you close your browser.

How WAYF works

WAYF communicates with two types of institutions: Service providers and institutions. The service provider, e.g. a research library or an online dictionary, provides a service, and the institution provides information about the user. WAYF provides the technical protocol translations necessary for communication between the two organisations and ensures that each user has consented to the disclosure of personal data.

WAYF and DeiC

WAYF is a service from DeiC. It is financed by the users of the service.

Revised 23/03/16

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