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The National HPC landscape, established back in 2014 and 2015, has supported Danish research until 2019. DeiC has analyzed the publication landscape from the HPC users associated with the previous three national HPC facilities, dedicated to Life Science, multidisciplinary research and the social sciences and humanities in the period 2015 to 2019. Below, it is possible to search all publications that have used national HPC, just as there are a number of analyzes of the publication material.

Similar analyzes will be carried out when the results from the new HPC facilities from 2021 will begin to appear.

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A total of 1053 publications, Version 4.0
Abbreviations: CBS, Copenhagen Business School; DTU, Technical University of Denmark; HPC, High Performance Computing; ITU, IT-University of Copenhagen; KU, University of Copenhagen; SDU, University of Southern Denmark; AAU, Aalborg University; AU, Aarhus University.
"Others" (NoDKUni) in the University category refers to Companies, hospitals or "Sektorforskningsinstitutioner" .
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