NORDUnet operates an international network for the national Nordic research networks.

NORDUnet is owned by the national research and education networks (NREN's) in Denmark (DeiC), Iceland (RHnet), Norway (UNINETT), Sweden (SUNET), and Finland (Funet). NORDUnet delivers international high speed connections to its owners, some of them via connections to the GÉANT network.


NORDUnet is also a forum for Nordic collaboration around research networks and e-infrastructure. Every other year it hosts the NORDUnet Conference. In the other years there is a NORDUnet Technical Workshop.

NORDUnet represents DeiC and the other Nordic NREN's within GÉANT.

CEO Steen Pedersen, DeiC, is chairman of the NORDUnet board of directors.

Revised 03/08/16

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