DeiC Science Forum

The DeiC Science Forum is established as an advisory forum that will make recommendations on the long term strategic development on the area of digital research infrastructure in Denmark.

The purpose of DeiC Science Forum is to ensure a development of the infrastructure that meets the needs of the future. The members of the group are researchers who use the infrastructure and are in the forefront of the use, so that they are able to advise the DeiC Board on the strategic direction.

The DeiC Science Forum must help to ensure coherence between the international development and the Danish activities and strategies.

The DeiC Science Forum will meet twice a year; in the spring and in the autumn. The meeting in the spring will be a workshop with presentations from the members on development and trends. Other national and international speakers and guests can be invited to the workshop after recommendation from the members of DeiC Science Forum. 

The purpose of the meeting in the autumn is to produce a yearly note/vision paper to the DeiC Board informing about trends and future possibilities in the national e-infrastructure development.
The DeiC Board can ask DeiC Science Forum for recommendations concerning specific topics.

The group will meet first time in the Autumn 2021

The language of the group is English.

Members of Science Forum, May 2021

Aalborg University:

  • Professor Kaare Lehmann Nielsen, Institut for Kemi og Biovidenskab

Aarhus University

  • Lektor Janne Nielsen, Medievidenskab (orlov)
    Lektor Kristoffer Nielbo, Institut for Kultur og Samfund (suppleant)
  • Lektor Thomas Bataillon, BIRC
  • Professor Bjarni Jóhann Vilhjálmsson, Institut for Økonomi
  • Lektor Thomas Damm Als, Biomedicin
  • Professor Peter Langen, Institut for Miljøvidenskab


No nomination recieved

University og Southern Denmark

  • Professor Hans Jørgen Aagaard, Institut for Fysik, Kemi og Farmaci
  • Lektor Richard Röttger, Institut for Matematik og Datalogi
  • Lektor Jost Adam, Institut for Mekanik og Elektronik

Roskilde University

  • Professor Thomas Schrøder, Institut for Naturvidenskab og Miljø
  • Lektor Jannie Møller Hartley, Institut for Kommunikation og Humanistisk Videnskab
  • Lektor Line Reinhardt, Institut for Mennesker og Teknologi 


  • Associate Professor Zsolt István, Computer Science

University of Copenhagen

  • Lektor Dorthe Duncker, Institut for Nordiske Studier og Sprogvidenskab
  • Lektor Haakon Lund, Institut for Kommunikation
  • Professor Søren Brunak, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research
  • Professor Kresten Lindorff-Larsen, Institut for Biologi
  • Adjunkt Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen, Økonomisk Institut

Technical University of Denmark

  • Lektor Sven Karlsson, DTU Compute
  • Professor Thomas Bligaard, DTU Energi
  • Professor Niels Sørensen, DTU Vindenergi


  • CEO Gitte Kudsk
  • Akademic Officer Marie Vachaud




Revised 27/05/21