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Survey to uncover needs for HPC, AI and HPDA resources and training

23/08/21 – The EuroCC project has launched a survey designed to identify which needs the Danish academic and industrial community has with regard to HPC, AI and HPDA resources and training. This is news from the EuroCC project. Learn more about EuroCC on the website. High Performance...

EuroCC outreach educate hundreds of researchers on HPC

30/06/21 – One work package alone has educated more than 400 researchers, students and staff across the different Danish universities on HPC. This is news from the EuroCC project. Learn more about EuroCC on the website. As a part of the EuroCC project the work package 6 (WP6) has been doing...

Visit the Danish EuroCC website

11/05/21 – Find which HPC that best suits your needs, read up on project results and discover what kind of materials and information to expect from the project. This is news from the EuroCC project. Learn more about EuroCC on the website. One of the work packages in the EuroCC project is...

Improve your research impact: Participate in a Metadata for Machines Workshop

04/05/21 – One Danish research group can get the unique opportunity to make their metadata machine actionable in a 2 x 1/2 day event - free of charge. The concept is developed by researchers for researchers. The aim of the M4M WS is to work practically on how to improve your metadata and...

DeiC annual report 2020 is ready

04/05/21 – In the annual report, you can read the status of the past year and get an overview of the economy. 2020 was in the glow of Covid-19 an eventful year for DeiC. The DeiC activity that has been most affected by the pandemic is without a doubt the video service Zoom. The version of...

DKCERT's trend report 2021 is out now

03/05/21 – The threat to the sector remains very high. DKCERT has just published its annual trend report. A report, which is partly DKCERT's report on the past year, and partly DKCERT's bid for the trends we expect to be prevalent. The report begins with a brief view of the cyber situation...

New job: DeiC is looking for an HPC specialist

23/04/21 – If your specialty is supercomputing and you are looking for a new job, then there is now an exciting opportunity in DeiC. DeiC is looking for an HPC specialist who will help ensure that we reach our goals in relation to the users of HPC in Denmark. We coordinate the national HPC...

DeiC's director joins NORDUnet's board of directors

23/04/21 – Gitte Kudsk has been elected as the new member of NORDUnet's governing body. At NORDUnet's general meeting on 21 April, the members voted for DeiC's CEO, Gitte Kudsk, to become the new member of the NORDUnet Board of Directors. In doing so, she must help set the strategic...

DeiC Conference 2021 call for presentations

21/04/21 – The organizers of this year's DeiC conference are ready to receive suggestions for inputs. Planning for this year's DeiC conference is well underway. The program committee has held its first meeting and is already working to put together an exciting professional program....

Joint Nordic tender for voice-to-text services

15/04/21 – To offer a good voice-to-text product in the future, DeiC is now participating in a tender for the upcoming solutions. It has become common to systematically use automated speech-to-text tools for many purposes. It can be documentation of interviews you have conducted in a...



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