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Af Cecilie Maagaard Winther , 18/05/21
Find which HPC that best suits your needs, read up on project results and discover what kind of materials and information to expect from the project.

This is news from the EuroCC project. Learn more about EuroCC on the website.

One of the work packages in the EuroCC project is dedicated to create awareness. And resources from both AU and DeiC is used in order to expand the knowledge of High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Data Analysis (HPDA) on a National level.

The goal is to convey the results from 5 specific topics that the 8 Danish Universities and DeiC are working on. These are: Training and skills development, technology transfer and business development, collaboration with industry, mapping of HPC/Big data/AI competences, facilitate HPC access and Knowledge Pool.

The project activities are structured in the same way for all 33 European partners in the EuroCC project, whereas the scope of the topics is defined by the individual countries.

Take a look at the website

Nine months into the project, there is now established a website for the National Competence Centre Denmark, where project information and results can be communicated. See the website here.

“It is still a “work-in-progress” to collect information on a National level that may help new HPC users from academia and industry to find inspiration generated from the EuroCC project,” says Birgitte Vedel Thage from DeiC, who is the project lead on the communication work package.

“One way of disseminating project results could be using a quiz format that is easy to access and that can deliver “take-home-messages” to the academic, industrial and public sector. But firstly, we are in the process of mapping and aligning expectations for the elements that people from academia, industry and public sector can expect to find information about on the website,” she says. 

Take the quiz and gain new insight

Already now you can try the first quiz on which HPC to choose for your needs called “Choose your HPC”. This work was a part of the activities in work package 6 “Facilitate HPC Access/ Knowledge Pools”, lead by Samuele Soraggi from AU.

Everyone is also welcome to give feedback by answering “3 Questions About the Website for NCC@Denmark”.

The EuroCC project is financed half and half by DeiC and the EU, and the project runs until ultimo August 2022.

Learn more:

  • Learn more about the EuroCC-project here.
  • Explore your HPC needs via the quiz.

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