Video downloads and LMS integration

You can use the course material either by linking to the videos on this website, or by embedding the videos in your institutions’ Learning Management System (LMS), such as Blackboard and Moodle.

If you wish to download the videos, you can use the links below. Please credit the videos using the references given on these webpages.

The material can be presented as a stand-alone eLearning course, or as part of a blended learning approach, combining video and face-to-face interactions. If embedded in your LMS, you can combine the videos with quizzes, links to local policies etc., according to your needs and the scope of your teaching.

Below you can see a screenshot of a simple sample integration of the video in the LMS system Moodle. The video is uploaded as an asset and inserted as course material. In this case, Moodle will automatically provide a player for the video.

You should consult your local LMS support person, if you wish to request help for the technical utilization of the videos in your system.

How to promote the eLearning at your institution

We recommend that the Danish universities promote the course in a manner that is relevant to them. Suggestions are:

  • Promote the trailer on the university websites, for example on webpages at institutional, faculty, or department level or on the library homepage.
  • Make the eLearning course part of your university course catalogue and integrate it into the local LMS systems
  • Integrate the modules in the existing courses on Responsible Conduct for Research Integrity.
  • Promote the 'Introductory eLearning course on Research Data Management' as a complementary resource for new employees, who would like to get more detailed information and best practice examples in RDM
  • Make the course part of the Ph.D. and researchers’ continuing education activities.
  • Via emailing lists aimed at relevant research support staff and researchers interested in research data management
  • Include the link to in your e-mail signature and in your standard presentation slide sets
  • Tweet, Facebook, Linkedin the trailer for our course.
Revideret 12/10/20