EUDAT Calls for Collaborations Projects

Af Gitte Julin Kudsk , 16/01/14

Nedenfor Call tekst fra EUDAT.

EUDAT is offering free resources and expertise to pilot collaboration projects as part of its Collaborative Data Infrastructure where users, community centres and large data centres collaboratively tackle data challenges. Research communities, research projects and individual researchers are invited to make use of its data services that are available at a European scale. 

Interested parties are invited to submit their proposals by 26th February 2014. The call is open to all European initiatives and research communities. 

EUDAT services target a broad range of disciplines and projects, in particular those looking for simple solutions to store and/or perform computations with research data, or for a robust data infrastructure to manage, access use, re-use and preserve their data. 

For complete details and on-line submission visit

EUDAT Calls for Collaboration Projects (PDF)

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