HPC Landscapes

Learn more about the current status of training, competences, initiatives and infrastructure regarding supercomputing in Denmark and across the EU.

Training and Skills Landscape

An analysis depicting how HPC and Data Science, ML and AI are integrated in the Danish University teaching system - Coming Fall 2021.

Explore the EuroCC training calendar

Most courses are free for Danish researchers as Denmark is a part of EuroHPC.


Competence Map

An overview of where and how competences are distributed all over Denmark in the area of HPC, Big Data and ML/AI - Coming 2022.

International Initiatives Mapping

A comprehensive list of the projects taking place in Denmark and at the European level for Academy and Industry as part of the EuroHPC initiative - Coming Fall 2021.

International HPC Landscape

Find a list of state-of-the-art European (so-called Tier-0) supercomputers available for Danish Academic and Industrial partners beyond the national (so-called Tier-1) supercomputers. Access is regulated by dedicated application rounds. More information available here.

Denmark in PRACE

Explore the PRACE projects with Danish participation here.

Supercomputer infrastructure layers

PRACE categorises European HPC facilities into 3 tiers: Tier-0 are European Centres with petaflop og hexascale machines, Tier 1 are National centres, and Tier 2 are Regional centres.

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